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“I think my biggest encouragement for people thinking about reading the Bible all the way through is that it’s the only way to get the full context of Scripture. If we believe the Bible is our authority, we need to know what it says! It’s daunting to tackle the whole thing, but it’s worth it.”   


-Victoria Vineyard

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The goal of reading the Bible through in a year is not to mindlessly check off boxes. Yes, we want everyone to grow in Biblical literacy, mainly because you will encounter the Living God. Feel free to skim some passages while meditating on others. Success is determined by prioritizing time with God as his child as he communicates to us through His Word. Ask the Lord to open your heart, mind, ears, and eyes to see his love for you!

Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path. Psalm 119:105


We value the women of MRPC and our Women's Ministry offers many opportunities for bible study, discipleship, and prayer throughout the week.  Click the button below to learn more or register for a group.


There are many different reading plans. We chose The Bible Recap (a chronological plan) and will be preaching through this one. Our whole church will be using this same plan, and it will be a unique experience for men, women, youth, families, and journey groups to all be reading through the same thing together. As you read, take time to reflect on the passage, repent of your sins, and rejoice in your Savior revealed in his Word!

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Most of your answers can be found on the website for the reading plan we are doing. It can be found at:

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  • Full printed plan - We have these printed! Feel free to use the printed plan and not the app

  • Abbreviated plan - 4-5 selected chapters per week (see link below)

  • Sunday Elective in OctoberThere's A New Kid in Town taught by Mark Reed in B111

  • Bible Recap Podcast (6-8 minutes each day with helpful historical context). You can find the Bible Recap Podcast on any podcast app including iTunes, Spotify, Podbean, and more!

“I think it helped me feel “closer” to God because I knew that I had read His Word. Like if someone wrote you a letter, after reading it, you’d feel closer to that person knowing they wrote you a letter, and you could understand them more. I’d say it also gave me a more positive view of the Bible and makes it more exciting to get back into, like re-watching a movie you really like.”


- Daniel Williams


We think that this is a great opportunity for many of us to take the time to read through the Bible this year. It will be a great experience to have the support of one another to encourage us along the way and the sermons further guide us! However, if you cannot commit to the full plan in 2022, you can still join us on our journey! We have put together a few chapters from each week’s reading in an Abbreviated Plan. A third option would be reading the sermon text for the week before you come to worship that Sunday. We will provide the sermon text in our weekly email. For whatever season or stage you are in, let’s each consider how we can take courageous steps in our walk of faith in 2022 as we dive deeper into God’s Word!

  • Tier One: Full Reading Plan (Linked below to print out or on App)

  • Tier Two: Abbreviated Plan (Linked below)

  • Tier Three: Weekly Sermon Text (In weekly MRPC email)


All adult Journey Groups will be reading through the Bible in 2022 and using the Bible Recap daily study guide. For men interested in joining a Journey Group, contact Curtis Women’s Journey Groups are currently full, but Women’s Bible studies will be doing the same curriculum.


Women’s Bible Studies will also be reading through the Bible in 2022 and using the Bible Recap daily study guide. 


Fall 2022 groups will begin meeting on Wednesday, September 28, to prepare for the beginning of the New Testament on October 1! The study will run for 8 weeks. They will meet on Wednesday mornings (9:30-11:00AM) and Wednesday evenings (6:30-8:00PM).


If you are interested, please register ASAP at  so that we can order a study guide for you ($15).


Youth Journals are available to students who are reading through the Scriptures with us!

“Reading through the Bible seemed really daunting to me, so I asked a friend to do it with me so I had someone to encourage me and make sure I didn't give up. The best part about it was seeing that every book of the Bible points to God's love for His children. Sally Lloyd Jones says, "Every Story Whispers His (Jesus) Name," and reading through the Bible really showed me that God's plan was always Jesus.”

- Jen Skelton

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  • When do we start? We begin on January 1! However, there are some ways to get ready ahead of time. There are prep episodes on The Bible Recap Podcast that are very helpful to listen to ahead of time.

  • What is the benefit of the app? The app can be useful in different ways! You can use all or some of the features - or don’t use it at all!

  • What if I don’t want to use the app? No problem! We have the full reading plan printed for you

  • What text will you be preaching from? The preaching text each Sunday will come from the passages that you have read over the previous week. We will post the sermon text in the Wednesday email weekly.

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