"A place where ALL women belong..."

Mitchell Road’s ministry to women seeks to offer a place for all women to belong, to grow in their love and understanding of Jesus, and then to help others grow as well. The foundation of all we do is God’s word. It is the basis for how we love, care for, and encourage one another. Women’s discipleship happens formally through Mentor Moms, Bible Studies, and Journey Groups.

For information about all of our groups, studies, or Mentor Moms, contact our Director of Women's Discipleship, Sarah Warren, at swarren@mitchellroad.org.



Mentor Moms offers support and encouragement for mothers in all stages of child-rearing.  It's a time of fellowship with other moms and an opportunity to learn, grow, and discuss common issues. 


Groups meet in the Fellowship Hall, socially distanced. Moms of all ages and stages form table groups of 7-10 to discuss a book. To register for the 2021 Fall semester visit the link below. If you have questions, please contact abemis@mitchellroad.org



This is a smaller group (5-7 women) of intentional discipleship that meets weekly or every other week at various times and locations. The hope is that these groups would be together 2-3 years. This is a place where you will be deeply known, grow in your gospel identity as a godly woman, and as a result, disciple other women.


Our desire is to constantly offer a variety of opportunities for the women of Mitchell Road to be in a group of other women to study and apply the

word of God.


Begins June 4, 2021

Join us for an eight week study on the women from Matthew 1 listed in Jesus’ genealogy called What Is She Doing Here? written by Susan Tyner and put out by the PCA’s discipleship ministry. Each week, there will be a 30-minute teaching video or podcast that you can listen to after you have done your individual study. The videos are being released weekly beginning June 4th, but they will be available indefinitely after that and you could begin the study at any time. If you would like to find out more information and order your book you can go to https://pcacdm.org/messy/ .

 Contact abemis@mitchellroad.org for more information.


Begins June 14, 2021

 During this four-week study, we will go through the popular book Gently and Lowly by Dane Ortlund. To register and order your book through me for $10, please visit this link. The deadline to order will be June 1st.  If you are new to Mitchell Road or do not feel connected to a community of women, please let us know and we will try to help you find a group meeting close to you. We will begin this study the week of June 14th and end the week of July 12th. You and your friends can choose the best day, time, and location for your group.

 Contact abemis@mitchellroad.org for more information.



Safe places  purpose is to create an environment where the beginning of accountability, sharing, and confession can occur.


Email safeplaces@mitchellroad.org

Circle of Friends: A support group for widows mourning the loss of their spouse. This group seeks to provide a new joyful bond of sisters in Christ, to lessen feelings of loneliness and solitude. 

Women Dealing with Infertility: A support group for women who have experienced or are currently experiencing infertility. We want you to be connected with women who understand your trial, during this emotional and painful time. 

Women Dealing with Shame Issues: Women who struggle with shame because of  addictions, control/fear issues, emotional/physical abuse, abortion, anxiety/depression, anger (toward God, self or others), adultery and promiscuity, same sex attraction, obsessive or intrusive thoughts or any other issues that have produced shame in their lives.

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