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Our desire is to make the Holy Spirit come alive in the hearts of your children.  We can't wait to share the love of God with your kids!

-MR Kids

Frequently Asked Questions during COVID

  • Q:  What do you offer for kids? A: At this time, we have a Kids Nursery (6 weeks – K3) and Kids Church (K4 &K5) available for each worship service.   We will not be able to provide Kids Sunday School at this time.

  • Q: Do you require registration? A: Great Question!  Currently, yes!  All children attending Kids Nursery (6 weeks – K3) and Kids Church (K4 & K5) will need to register for each upcoming Sunday.  A link will be sent by email on Mondays and included in the weekly Churchwide email on Wednesdays.

  • Q: Why are we opening the nursery and providing Kids Church? A: We want to offer what we can to provide families opportunities to worship in person.

  • Q: What should I expect when I arrive at check-in? A: Temperatures will be checked for each child being checked into MR Kids Grey Wing.  You will also be asked the following questions: 
    o   Has anyone in your family had a fever (higher than 100.4) or a cough in the last 72 hours?
    o   Have you been around someone who has been diagnosed with COVID in the last 14 days?
    o   Have you been around someone under quarantine for suspected COVID exposure in the last 14 days?

    If you can answer yes to any of those questions, please stay home and watch our service on our Mitchell Road YouTube channel. 
    Those that are able to proceed will be given a pre-printed nametag and ready to proceed to the classroom for drop off.  We do ask adults to wear masks during the drop off process.

  • Q: How many people can check-in? A: To help limit the number of people in the hallways, we request that only one parent/grandparent/guardian bring children to check-in.  It would be nice if this is the same person that picks up the child as well.  If a family needs the assistance of multiple adults, that is fine.  

  • Q: How do I pick up my child?  A:  For pick up, one parent may enter the gray wing and proceed to the child’s classroom, collect their belongings, and exit through the glass doors.  The pick-up person must be 16 years old or older and have the parent pick-up tag you received at check-in.

  • Q: Do parents and kids need to wear a mask? A: Parents are required to wear a mask when entering/exiting the building. It is not mandatory that children wear masks, but if a child wears a mask, our staff will do our best to encourage mask-wearing best practices. Please let the staff person in the classroom know that you prefer your child to wear a mask. 

  • Q: Will the workers/volunteers be wearing a mask? A: Workers and volunteers will all be temperature checked and masked prior to coming into the building. They will be wearing a mask the entire time they are working.  

  • Q: How are we keeping the classrooms cleaned?  A: We will run air purifiers in each classroom to circulate clean air and thoroughly disinfect, clean, and wipe down all tables, toys, and surfaces during and in between services. Toys will also be switched out for each service. Separate craft supplies will be provided for each child.

  • Q: Will snacks be provided? A: Snacks will not be provided at this time. If you bring a sippy cup for your child, please place it in the child’s bag. The worker will take it out when or if the child needs water. We suggest you give your kids a snack before they come to church and/or have one waiting on them in the car after service. 

  • Q: How are we maintaining social distancing? A: During dropoff/pickup, we are limiting the number of people inside the MR Kids wing. We will have pre-printed name tags ready as you arrive to drop off your children. We ask that you help us out by not congregating in the nursery hallway, common space, or outside the doors. 

  • Q: Can I volunteer in the MR Kids Ministry? A: Yes!  We would love to have you volunteer.  Please send an email to Frances Lightcap, our volunteer coordinator to be placed on the rotating schedule!  
                    Nursery Specific:

  • Q: When will I be able to drop off my children? A: Our doors will open for drop off 15 minutes before the service starts.  That’s 8:45 am for the 9:00 am service and 10:15 am for the 10:30 am service.

  • Q: Will you be able to give bottles to babies? A: Yes, we would be happy to serve bottles, but we would prefer them to be premade. Staff will wear gloves to prepare and serve bottles.

  • Q: What if I don’t feel comfortable bringing my kids to the nursery? A: There are many other ways you can worship with us. We have a 9:00 am service in the Sanctuary and in the Fellowship Hall and a 10:30 am service in the Sanctuary and in the Fellowship Hall. 
                  Kids Church Specific:

  • Q: What do the kids do during MR Kids Church? A: Kids Church is a time for the children to learn about the different elements of a Worship Service.  During this time, teachers will teach, sing songs, make crafts, and other various activities to reinforce the lesson.   

  • Q: Do I need to escort my child out for MR Kids Church? A: Yes. We need one parent to bring your K4/K5 kid to the volunteer stationed outside the fellowship doors, sanctuary doors, and the gate at the soccer field.

Sunday Schedule

  • Nursery - 6 Weeks - K3: Nursery for this age group are held in age-appropriate classrooms throughout the morning with paid trained staff.

  • Wellness Policy: Our desire is to provide the safest and healthiest environment for all of our children. With this in mind, we ask that your child be symptom-free for 24 hours before returning to the nursery after experiencing any of the following: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, eye infections, or a rash

  • Due to allergy issues, we are not able to allow any outside food or drink in the nursery classrooms. Children in the Crib and Toddler Rooms can have milk in bottles, but please avoid bringing milk into the older classrooms. Nursery staff cannot give baby food. Please label all belongings with your child’s name.

Check-In Procedure

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Check-in Procedure

  • At MRPC we use an electronic check-in system called Fellowship One. F1 provides safety and security to our program for YOUR children!

    • We highly value security. Therefore, ALL children in the Kid's Ministry will need to check-in.

    • Fellowship One nametags have a place for important allergy and/or medical information. Information is printed in a small black line. The presence of the line alerts caregivers to important information. If your child has allergies or medical conditions that caregivers/teachers need to be aware of, please email Kelley Collins (kcollins@mitchellroad.org) as soon as possible, so this information can be added.

    • Teachers are NOT permitted to dismiss a child without a parent receipt sticker with an alphanumeric code matching that of the child’s. If you lose your receipt sticker, please see the Kid's Ministry staff.



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