july electives

This year's July Electives focus around our four core values and will be held online via Zoom and YouTube. Each elective will last for four weeks and will be held at 11:00 am beginning Sunday, July 5.



11:00 am

What better way to live out our core value of Loving Community than to discuss and implement techniques to fulfill the Great Commandment? Through the study of “The Art of Neighboring” by Dave Runyon and Jay Pathak, we will gain practical skills to help us Love Our Neighbor As Ourselves.


Taught by Jason Yon and Jack Beall



11:00 am

We hear the word “Discipleship” all the time, but do we know what it means and how it applies to us. We will be looking at the history of discipleship in the church and, because of the gospel, how we can live it out today in a hope-filled manner.


Taught by Curtis DuBose



11:00 am

Courageous Living is an incredibly relevant topic during these times. During our four weeks together we will study the Courage to Live for Christ, the Courage to Live a Holy & Blameless life, the Courage to Move, and the Courage to Proclaim the Truth.


Taught by Rick Henderson



11:00 am

At MRPC we are guided by a core-value of “Resting in God’s Grace." But what does that really mean and look like? In this 4-week study we will explore 1) the beauty of God’s grace, 2) the requirement of effort for such rest, 3) the reality of our needs and desires, and 4) the ultimate mark of God’s grace: a faith that works itself out in love.


Taught by Jonathan Kittel


New Testament Survey


10:00 am

R 102

Agape Class

Whether you’ve read the New Testament hundreds of times or are just diving in, we hope for you to see God more clearly as he has revealed himself in the NT and understand better how to live your life in his world and to worship him more fully.   We will give a brief overview of the New Testament as a whole and a brief overview of each book in the NT. Come explore the New Testament with us!

Taught by Bud Shevick and Jamie Lightcap

The Prodigal God


10:00 am

R 105

Unity Class

 A look at God’s extravagant grace in the lives of His people through the parable of the Prodigal Son.

Taught by Chris League

Overview of the Psalms 


10:00 am

Music Room

Disciples Class

This overview of the Book of Psalms will teach characteristic of the various types and how to recognize them by examining examples of each type. We will also sing selections from the Trinity Psalter – class participation required!

Taught by Ethan Smith



10:00 am

R 106

Hope Class

Consider the wonderful reality of heaven and how this reality should impact the way we think about our lives on Earth.

Taught by Kevin Couch

The Book of Job


10:00 am

R 107

Journey Class

Taught by Ken McCloud

Young Adult Elective


10:00 am

R 104

Sojourners Class

Whether you’re single, married, or in the midst of parenting, we all need to take a step back and figure out the proper place of technology in our homes. Beginning on February 2nd in Room R 104, join teacher Neel Skelton for a 6 week elective "The Tech Savvy Life" where we will talk about the role of technology in our lives and how to use it in a way that pleases God.

Taught by Neel Skelton 

Newish Members Elective


10:00 am

R 202

Our church is growing and we have welcomed in many new members in the last two years. We would like to invite all of our “newish” members who haven't quite found a place to plug in to join us for a new Sunday School class! Rich Rardin will kick it off with a study on Colossians as well as time built in to get to know one another better. We look forward to having a variety of ages and stages. 

Taught by Rich Rardin


Children's Classes


9:50 - 10:50 am

Nursery to 4th grade classes meet in the Children's Wing.  A complete lisitng of rooms and locations is located at the Children's Ministry welcome desk when you arrive.  


Grades 5-12 Classes


10:00 am

Sunday school for grades 5-12 is lead by the Youth staff and meets in the Athletics and Youth Center located behind the church, at the rear of the parking lot to the left when you are facing the church.



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