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adult sunday electives



Elective: Uncommon Retirement: Refocusing with Fresh Purpose

What are you going to do with your retirement?  Does God have purpose for you in it?  Scripture offers wisdom for those preparing for, entering, or already in this strategic season of life. We will consider biblical concepts of work, sabbath, calling, legacy, family, and more.  

August 21 - September 25 (B111)

Taught by: Jack Beall & Phil Graybeal

Elective: Parenting with Courage, Grace, & Love*

God established parenthood with honor in mind (Eph. 6:2). It is noble to be a parent, honorable to love unconditionally, excellent to speak truth in love, and humbling to be worthy of imitation. And yet parenting can be overwhelming at times, producing feelings of worry, disappointment, or guilt. The good news is parents are not alone on this journey. Join us as we explore the joy of parenting honorably through our MRPC core values!

October 2 - November 27 (B111) 

Taught by: Stephen Reel

*Class will not meet on October 9

Elective: New Members Class*

October 16 - November 20 (Learning Commons)

Taught by: Elders & Staff

*Registration is now open at

Elective: Spiritual Formation

Formation isn’t a Christian thing, it’s a human thing. We are always moving somewhere and becoming someone because to be human is to be dynamic. And so the only question is… what is forming you and who are you becoming? Join us as we look to Jesus to figure out a question we are all asking… how can I change? Because for many of us, our problem isn’t that we don’t want to change or we don’t want to try… our problem is that we don’t know how.

November 6 - December 18 (B105)

Taught by: Neel Skelton

agape class



R 102

Topic: Acts

Taught by: Ted Hamm, Jason Yon, & Jack Beall

Age Group: 60s - 80s 

disciples class



R 104

Topic: Colossians

Taught by: Sherman Clough

Age Group: 60s - 90s

hope class


9:45 am

R 106

Topic: Parables of Jesus

Taught by: Kevin Couch & David Lattner

Age Group: 40s - 50s

journey class


9:45 am

R 107

Topic: Hosea

Taught by: Ken McCloud

Age Group: 60s - 70s

Children's SundAy School


9:45 am

Gray Wing

Check-in at the MR Kids Welcome Desk!

Youth Sunday School


9:45 am

Youth Center

Sunday School for Grades 5th-12th  is led by the Youth staff and meets in the Athletic & Youth Center located behind the church, at the rear of the parking lot to the left when you are facing the church.

College-Aged class


9:45 am

R 105

Topic:  Community - What Is It  & How Do I Build It?

Age Group: college students & young working adults