Worship & Welcome

A Capital Campaign


We are excited to announce our Worship & Welcome Capital Campaign. We have been blessed to have significant land and buildings, thanks to 50 years of forethought by many generations of members and careful oversight of leadership. As we cast a vision for the future of Mitchell Road, we are hopeful that the Lord will use this campaign to receive the adoration He deserves and to help us better welcome visitors. Watch the video to the left to get more insight into the capital campaign.


New Signage

On October 7th in our Sunday services we celebrated the upcoming 50 year anniversary of MRPC and the 45 year anniversary of MRCA with the announcement of a new sign out on our front lawn and new directional signs around the church. This is a gift given in its entirety from the staff, elders, and deacons of Mitchell Road to the church! These new signs will be installed after Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday Mitchell Road! Watch the video to the right to learn more about our beautiful new signage.



What is generosity? Watch the video below and begin today to encourage each other to apply a biblical understanding of generosity and faith with the Welcome and Worship Capital Campaign.


Campaign designs

The images below exist to give you an idea of what Mitchell Road could look like should we receive the full $3.28 million in pledges by January 31st. (The images are not exact sketches, but rather exist to give you a general idea of the spaces that could be renovated as a part of The Worship & Welcome Campaign.)


Frequently asked questions


Thomas Hafkamp - Team
Jorrit Goos - Chassis & Suspension
Wouter van Buul - Powertrain & Electronics
Bas Haansbergen - Finance


Jorrit Goos
Mark Tullemans
Len Rijvers
Guy Tillemans
Tim van Vliet
Laszlo Porkolab
Rudy Geelen


Wouter van Buul
Tom Bruls
Koen Diesveld
Guy Tillemans
Rafael Garayoa
Johan van Uden
Rafael Garayoa
Erik den Haan


Thomas Hafkamp
Stijn van Dooren
Arjan van der Linden
Joni Driessen


Wouter van Buul
Roy Cobbenhagen
Gerasimos Drakatos
Bram van de Schoot
Erik Donkers
Rajiv Hemani
Carlos Robles
Sjoerd Knippenberg
Bart Beenker
Mathijs de Jong
Tom Bakker


Jorrit Goos
Robbin van Hoek
Tim Jansen
Tom Bakker

Test Team

Jeroen Knippenberg
Jorrit Goos
Bouke Haarsma
Sander Kemna
Sten van Rijk
Ruben Evens


Bas Haansbergen
Peter van der Voort
Willian Bens
Gerlof Zuidema

4M170 Minor DMS

Mark Tullemans
Bart van Hal
Michel Legius
Dennis Willemsen
Teun Zwaans
Joris Remmers

URE08 Class 2 Team

Bart van Hal
Michel Legius
Laura van Heijst
Robbin van Hoek
Monica Theunissen
Zjelko Parfant
Tim Vermeer

URE04 Maintenance

Jeroen van Bellen
Tom Bakker

URE5e Maintenance

Erik den Haan


Simon Kregting

University Representatives

Erwin Meinders
Wim Thirion
Rafael Garayoa

Prodrive Inverter Project

Johan Lucas
Marijn Hummelink
Tim Staps
Cas Bakker
Niels van de Meugheuvel
Tim ter Huurne
Patrick Bens
Rafael Garayoa
Wouter van Buul


Guy Tillemans
Michel Legius
Robbin van Hoek
Tom Bakker

Master Thesis

Sten van Rijk
Michiel Janssen
Tom Bakker
Tim Bouwens

HBO Thesis

Murat Bekdemir
Niels Biemans

Bachelor Thesis

Arjan de Visser David Duwaer
Tom Bruls
Robbin van Hoek
Tim Staps


Wouter van Buul Erwin Dekkers
René Henselmans

Fillable Pledge Card
I plan to give different amounts over 3 years
I would like a staff member to contact me before I give.

Chapters 1-3, totaling 3.28M



  • Debt Reduction      250K

  • Commons

  • Sanctuary

  • Fellowship Hall    

  • Parking

TOTAL:  2.1M


  • Debt Reduction  250K

  • Entrances and Exits

  • Portico Reno 

  • FH Land/Hardscaping 

  • Children’s/FH Entrance 

TOTAL:  930K



•Debt Reduction   250K

TOTAL:  250K


$3,280,000…total to be raised




207 Mitchell Road 

Greenville, SC 29615

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