7 Day Devo

(Day 1-7)

7 Day Devo

(Day 8-14)

7 Day Devo

(Day 15-22)

We are excited to worship with you again this Sunday!  For the next two weeks (August 9, August 16) we will offer the following worship services:


Soccer Field at 8:30 am

  • Bring your own chair, sunscreen, blanket and or snacks for the field

  • The bulletins will be handed out by a volunteer with a mask

  • In case of inclement weather, our 8:30 am service will be in the Fellowship Hall and will follow the same guidelines as the 10:30 am service.

Fellowship Hall at 10:30 am (please see important notes below)

  • Masks are strong encouraged on entry and exit and while greeting others

  • Masks are required when singing

  • Masks not required when listening (liturgy, sermon, etc)


Sanctuary at 10:30 am (live feed from Fellowship Hall)

  • Masks required for the entire service

  • The whole service is live feed, not just the sermon


Youtube at 10:30 am (live stream from the Fellowship Hall)

Worship will continue to be broadcast on our YouTube channel for those who are high risk or for those who may feel more comfortable worshiping from home. However, it will now be available as a livestream of the 10:30 am service. It will be live at 10:30 am and then online for the rest of the day.


For all of our services, please see these expectations for your health and safety:


  • Maintain social distancing, staying six feet apart, without physical contact

  • If you are sick, or have any symptoms please stay home

  • Children will stay with their families (nursery is not yet available)

  • Please continue to give online. You may also place your offering in the plate at the gate (field) or the boxes on the wall (Fellowship Hall or Sanctuary) as you exit the service.