Intersecting the Gospel with your Community

Rohan Crown


Serving in Kenya

Beth Seo, Ben & Lindsey Nihart, Emilie Land, Peter & Justina Hall, Erick Apel


Welcoming the Sojourner- How is the Greek Evangelical Church serving refugees in Athens?

David & Erin Pervis, Mike & Caroline Miller


 Can You Count by 5? You don’t have to be medical to serve in medical evangelism

Betsy Aeschliman


Arts & Apologetics

Jonas & Christina Davison, Cally K


A Single Serving

Dave Culmer, Debbie Richards, Betsy Aeschliman


Beirgartens & Oktoberfest

Sam & Lizzie Goodwin

Sam & Lizzie Goodwin


Strengthening the Core

Sam & Lizzie Goodwin